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Describes a method in information technology to define a list of trusted and clean files. Everything that is not on a trusted whitelist has to be considered as untrusted and possible unsafe. Untrusted files need much effort for analyze whether they are a security threat or safe.

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1. mspwl32.dll from Windows 95 Microsoft Corporation, Password list management library Copyright C Microsoft Corp. 1993-1998
Machine: 80386, MS-DOS Win16, Windows GUI Interface, English (United States) Language, Windows, Multilingual Charset

Last modified: 1998-05-15 20:01:00
File size:  40.960 Byte
MD5:        51FE76FB9752500572190707AF515B20
SHA1:      10E980031D0A2CCD0C00F8EBBA369E527FEDE685
SHA256:  5DC4054E3869C06DDFB2D8B0317133D88C9B2694DF71412F382A8C26F93748E8

Dependencies: KERNEL32.dll USER32.dll ADVAPI32.dll MPR.dll

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