NEXTSTEP Operating System

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NEXSTSTEP NeXT Computer Inc. is named the company that was set up by Steve Jobs in 1985. Steve Jobs was previous at Apple and made independently with the company NeXT. The company NeXT was taken by Apple completely for 400 million dollars later. The developed operating system NEXTSTEP is UNIX related and also contains parts of the BSD and the Mach Kernel, therefore it is compatibly to BSD (4.2 BSD release). In 1990 the first web server and client in the CERN was set up on a NeXTStep system available. NeXTStep was used on special computers, x86 CPUs and Motorola CPUs were supported.

NEXTSTEP Screenshot The concept of the bundle of the computer system "Cube" and operating system was given up and the operating system was sold separately in 1993. Another software product of NeXT was WebObjects for the construction of websites. In February 1997 Apple completed the take-over of the company NeXT and developed Mac OS 8 and the following operating systems with the technology of NEXTSTEP. OPENSTEP is the successor of NEXTSTEP with the OpenStep API independent of the operating system. Rhapsody was the code name for the new operating system of Apple with BSD 4.4 and OPENSTEP technology.

Field of Application
- Server, use in networks
- Application development
- System administration

Structure information
- File system is UFS
- Mach 2.5 based Kernel
- preemptive multitasking
- DPS (Display Post Script) interface
- does not support multi-processors
- object-oriented operating system

System environment
- runs with x86 CPUs, RISC CPUs
- With SoftPC 4.0 the execution of Windows programs is possible

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Date - Version
1988 Oct. - NEXTSTEP 0.8 68k CPUs
1989 - NEXTSTEP 1.0 68k CPUs
1990 - NEXTSTEP 2.0 68k CPUs
1991 - NEXTSTEP 2.1 68k CPUs
1992 - NEXTSTEP 3.0 68k CPUs
1993 May - NEXTSTEP 3.1 for Intel 486 a68k CPUs
1993 Oct. - NEXTSTEP 3.2
1995 - NEXTSTEP 3.3 for Intel 486, NeXT hardware, HP and Sun Workstations
1996 July - NEXTSTEP 4 (OPENSTEP for Mach)
1996 Dec. - OPENSTEP 4.1, for Intel, Motorola 68 and Sun SPARC processors
1997 Jan. - OPENSTEP 4.2


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