Link Collection about Operating Systems

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Link Collection about Operating Systems

This hyperlink collection contains external links to useful websites about computers and operating systems.

Forums Forum for all BSD variants Computer Hope Forum

Informations about Operating Systems Info & screenshots about Amiga Freebyte's Guide to Operating Systems popular Community Website for QNX User, with Forums, Download Informations about Unix and Derivatives O'Reilly Press, online catalog with many computer books

BeOS Community website about BeOS and compatibles Community website about BeOS

BSD security enhancement for FreeBSD and other News website about BSD Derivates BSD Certification Group

Linux Download of Linux distributions Search engine for Linux .RPM software with search filter The Web's largest index of Unix and cross-platform software Founded in 1997, popular Geek Website Linux Standard Base lists different Linux distributions, with package overview Get counted as a linux user

Mac OS Apple History Info's for Mac, Software, Newsgroups Downloads for Mac OS and more

OS/2 Community Website with Forum & Hyperlinks the OS/2 Information Source

Windows THe World Ressource for Windows Tech Support & Drivers Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows

Emulators / VMs VirtualBox from Sun, open source PowerPC emulator for MacOS X on computers with Intel CPU Emulator for virtual x86 environments under Windows and Linux Virtual x86 environment for Windows, MacOS Open Source x86 emulator Amiga emulator for Windows Emulator for virtual x86 environments for Windows, Linux and MacOS Open Source virtual environment for Linux Open Source virtual environment