Operating System Reviews

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Review of Operating Systems

Icon - Text The OSDP provides the following information for interested visitors. Subdivided into the 4 main topics Basics, Operating Systems, Developers and Project related shall make the search for the desired information easier.

You find much relevant and compressed information about operating systems and its developer on this independent web site for the archiving of informations. The documentation of operating systems contains many facts and grows with visitor feedback and steadily improvement and enhancement from the main author. Many screenshots and version information complete the articles with an objective description. The historical time classification of operating systems is checked as far as possibly and several information sources were included.

Small selection of Reviews:

Basic knowledge

What is a RISC/CISC architecture or platform?
What is an operating system and how is the market shared?
Where can I find the explanation about the terms?
What are file systems and how different are these?
What is the operating system core or so called kernel?
Where can I find some references for information purposes?

Operating systems

The 8-bit operating system CP/M and its 16-bit successors
Information about the 16-bit operating system DOS
What does AmigaOS make so unique?
Development of BeOS and its successor
Overview of the Windows operating systems
How has OS/2 arisen and where it is current?
MVS, OS/390, z/OS operating system
Survey of the BSD variants
Which special features does RISC OS have?
Information about UNIX and derivatives
For which intended purpose is NetWare suited particularly well?
What kind of operating system is Plan 9?
Development of Linux and the distributions
In which relation do NeXTStep and Darwin stand to Mac OS?
Why is Unicos particularly suitable for supercomputers?
Which qualities does QNX have?
Details about further operating systems and in automobiles
Which operating systems are there for the PDA?

Developer of operating systems

How did the web sites of the companies look like earlier?
News related to operating systems and companys in review
Information about the Mac OS manufacturer Apple
Historical to AT&T and UNIX
Details on Be and its operating system BeOS
Company history of the supercomputer manufacturer Cray
Informations about Digital Research
Business fields and operating systems of Hewlett Packard
Linus Torvalds and Linux history
Rise of IBM and its operating systems
How did Microsoft get so successful with Windows?
Foundation and software solutions of Novell
Company development of SCO - Santa Cruz Operation
Specialization of Silicon Graphics
Over Sun Microsystems and its operating systems

Project details

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