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Website Changelog

Read the newest announcements and informations about the development of this website. The progress about this project is ordered chronologically as overview.

2023-12-22 Operating Systems refreshed
Newly added are the pages on the operating systems iOS, BlackberryOS and Windows 11. Screenshots are available for iOS and BlackBerry OS. All operating system pages from A to J have been checked and extended with version information.

2018-05-22 Data Privacy Policy
The privacy policy has been updated.

2016-10-16 Operating Systems refreshed
The article about GNU Hurd was rewritten. The articles about Windows Server 2012 with 43 screenshots and Windows Server 2016 with 19 screenshots were added. The support lifecycle were added for many Windows operating systems.

2016-09-26 Operating Systems refreshed
Informations about the market share of Android and Windows CE have been added and the new page about the Andromeda OS operating system was added. Linked websites have been checked and invalid links were removed.

2016-09-20 Page updates
Index pages have been completed and the release of macOS Sierra was added to the Mac OS operating system page.

2016-08-20 Major Website Update
Several articles have been updates, new screenshots were added and the list of operating systems extended. Successively all articles will be updated on this website during the next months.

2015-11-01 Several articles updated
Windows 10 has been added to this website, including many screenshots. The article about Android has been extended by new versions and screenshots of Android 4.4.2, also known as KitKat. Some additional informations have been added to the Windows XP page and list about operating systems.

2015-10-04 Optimizations
This website has been optimized for display on mobile devices. Content is now visible even faster after some tweaks on page structure and integrated resources. The European Union guideline for user consent about the use of cookies has been implemented as well.

2012-08-12 Article about Windows 8 completed
The informations about Windows 8 have been completed.

2011-06-21 Several articles updated
Windows 8 has now an own page on this website and several already existing articles about operating systems will be updated during the next days including eComStation and Haiku.

2010-02-15 Several articles updated
The update has just been completed and the information has grown by more than 2,500 words. Been added is the new operating system Windows NT Server 4.0, with 37 screenshots. Windows CE has been completed with the release Windows CE 2.0 and Windows CE 6.0. Separated to each a own page are the BeOS derivatives Haiku and Zeta. Microsoft Automotive, eComStation and Ubuntu Linux with 12 new screenshots as well. Many small additions affect Windows 3.0, Windows CE, Windows NT 3.1, Palm OS, OpenBSD, NetBSD and Windows NT 4.0. Debian GNU/Linux is supplemented with 20 new screenshots, MorphOS with 6 new screenshots and ReactOS with images of release 0.3.11. The OS/2 operating system was supplemented by 30 new screenshots of OS/2 1.3 and 2.1.

2010-01-18 List of Operating Systems
At the first time, there are more Linux distributions than all other operating systems available in the list.

2010-01-10 new web design and additions
To start the new year this site is presenting in a new design with a modern style. Since the last update minor changes took place and the list of operating systems has been expanded by 85 entries. The next update will complete the recent available articles with new facts.

2009-08-18 finish of translations
The english articles about Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 and Mac OS are now translated completely. There are more than 1,000 screenshots available on this website.

2009-06-15 next milestone
During the next days, each article about Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 and Mac OS is translated to english. The amount of visible screenshots will reach over 1,000 pictures.

2008-11-28 Update
There has been a lot of news in operating systems topic since the last update. I have completed the following new information and screenshots today. Thanks goes to Dennis for the interview and screenshots of the Windows 7 Pre release from the computer blog TheMadFatter.

- update of the article about Windows 7, 9 Screenshots from Build 6801 added
- article about QNX extended by 5 screenshots of the demo disk
- MS-DOS article extended by 7 screenshots
- 16 NewDeal 3.2.a screenshots added
- article about Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 completed, 22 new screenshots
- new informations about OpenDarwin added
- 30 screenshots of Windows ME added
- article of Windows 3.0 excluded to a own page, 14 screenshots added
- article of Windows 3.11, Windows Mobile and Symbian updated

2008-09-22 division of articles, update
From the general page with several operating systems are split off Sony Aperios, MenuetOS, ReactOS, SkyOS and VxWorks from Wind River to their own pages. The screenshots can be browsed forth and back now in the full view. The eBook is updated.

2008-08-18 Improvements
The preview pictures of the existing screenshots are increased by 20% in size.
The next update of the articles is in preparation and will include the minimum requirements of the operating systems more exactly. For shorter load times of the pages, a split into underpages will take place.

2008-06-02 New Screenshots, Update
The navigation of this web site was optimized and the new category Screenshots added. The advertising campaign with Yahoo! Search Marketing of March this year reached 442 new visitors. A RSS Feed informs you about the latest changes of this project now. The text for the operating system Inferno was corrected, the version information has generally been completed of several operating systems. The for download available eBook is at a current state now.

Altogether, 124 new screenshots are added, under this DesktopBSD 1.6, FreeBSD 7, OpenBSD 4.2, OpenSolaris Preview 2, PC-BSD 1.5, QNX 6.3.2, SuSE Enterprise Desktop 10, Windows Enterprise Server 2008, Windows Home Server and Windows Tablet PC.

2008-03-03 Podcast interview and update
Who would like to inform about this project can listen to an interview of February 2008 as MP3 Podcast in german, there is the link den link to the download.

The new operating systems Windows 7 (code name) and Windows Server 2008 have been added. Smaller improvements took place at the page navigation.

The evaluation of a small advertising campaign with Google Adsense in December 2007 had a result of more than 200 new visitors. This month a new advertising campaign with Yahoo! Search marketing with comparable budget is started. The result will be published again as available.

2008-01-14 New Screenshots and Additions
75 new screenshots were added to this web site today. Included are Red Hat 9, Fedora Core 5, Solaris 10.1, Red Flag Linux 4 (Chinese) and Red Flag Linux 5 (English) and Mandriva 2008 as well as further operating systems. The information about gentoo and Red Flag Linux were separated from the main Linux page to independent pages and interlinked. Several preview pictures were added in the main pages about Windows, UNIX and Linux. The planned goal is named for the release 3.7 on the project page.

2007-11-05 New Translators for English -> French
This project has got a new translator for the translation of the English texts in French. Daniel B. takes over this task and translates step by step the at first the most important texts which have not been updated in French since April 2005.
A note in addition was added about the wanted informations and screenshots about certain operating systems to be completed on the operating system list.

2007-09-17 New screenshots, update
The text onto the entrance page and weblog were modified. The page about the AIX 5.3 operating system is supplemented by 8 new screenshots (thanks to Ebbi).

2007-09-10 Update
The page about HP-UX is enhanced, the UNIX operating systems AIX 6 and IRIX 6.1 completed by release informations.

2007-09-03 Optimized design, update
By the feedback of visitors the design of this web site was optimized. The line spacing was increased for better readability, smaller additions provide the better navigation on all sides of this project. The date of the construction and the last update is on every side under the main text now. For a more attractive design 17 logos have there been added on the pages.
Some screenshots more contain the page about Windows 1.0 and MS DOS now.

2007-08-27 New Slackware Linux screenshots and more
There are some screenshots added for the documentation of Slackware Linux Release 12, the operating system has now his own page. For the first time are two pictures of AIX 5.2 and 6.0 (thanks to Alex) and screenshots of SunOS 4.14 and 5.51 (thanks to Stephan) available.

2007-08-20 New Zeta screenshots, update
After a review of the Zeta operating system Live-CDs 1.1 and 1.21 the screenshots were added on the BeOS page. The informations about Microsoft Windows 2000 are revised in detail. The details about Debian GNU/Linux and OpenBSD are completed.

2007-08-13 New Ubuntu and Linux Kernel screenshots (30), updates
The Linux distribution Ubuntu based on Debian is represented with screenshots of the older version 6.10 and the newer release 7.04 on the Debian/Linux page now. The page about the Windows Server 2003 operating system was newly written. On the pages about Palm OS and "More operating systems" the informations were supplemented with AMX. The page about Linux contains a small command reference and screenshots to the kernel now. The check of the registered web links has shown there some invalid and abandon web pages. The web links concerned are appropriately colored now and remain for the documentation.
Game consoles of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft also are just made usable by an operating system. The Microsoft XBOX 360 works with a specifically developed operating system which perhaps has only the Win32 API of Windows in common. The Sony Playstation 3 also uses an self developed operating system but it can be operated with GNU/Linux too. The Wii game console of Nintendo is resided by a modified GNU/Linux, the graphical interface is developed itself and it is guaranteed that only signed programme code is executable. Till now, exact information about the used operating systems is not announced public by the manufacturers.

2007-08-06 New MacOS X screenshots, updates
New screenshots were added for the Mac OS X 10.3 operating system today. It is unusual that the installation was made with the PowerPC emulator PearPC on a x86 computer. The Internet connection was made over a driver of a virtual network card ( and shared Internet connection. The article on Windows 98 was revised and new screenshots where taken.
There exist different projects on the Internet about virtual operating systems used with the internet browser. Because the operating system can not independently start it is not included in the documentation of this web site. Interesting is it certainly as a application example of Internet services. The Internet based operating system eyeOS shall serve as an example, at present there exists about 12 similar projects.

2007-07-30 Update of operating systems, 30 new screenshots
21 screenshots of the versions 3.0 and 4.0 were added to the page about Debian. The derivative DesktopBSD was supplemented with 9 screenshots on the FreeBSD page. The articles about Windows CE, RISC OS and further were completed.

Since the company VMware has introduced the free VMware player in December 2005, several operating systems projects have adapted to it. With this new possibility for the better distribution preinstalled VMware images with the operating system are provided to the user.

KDE 3.5.5 with openSUSE Linux 10.2
haiku operating system VMware Image
ReactOS VMware Image
syllable VMware Image

July 08, 2007: OSDP Release 3.7
The translation of the new informations (above 6,600 words) since the last release is started now.
During this month there are changes and enhancements on the articles about Microsoft, Windows, Apple, IBM, AIX, BeOS, NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, ReactOS and many more.

March 19, 2007: Optimizations
During the last release some smaller optimizations were made on this information archive. The side structure was improved a few in the source code, this concerns the display of Screenshots and the right navigation column. A few license-free photos of were integrated, current pictures of the websites of some operating systems improve the page layout.
The page about developers of operating systems was rewritten and older Screenshots where removed from the years 2001 and 2002.

March 01, 2007: Update
The translation of the new text informations is in progress. The operating systems Windows 1.0, Red Hat Linux, Mandriva Linux and Debian Linux are separated on single pages. A few improvements happen for the page navigation. New function is the comment form on every single page of this website.

February 09, 2007: Progress of the next update
The first step for the next update is done, this made 25 percent of the total work amount to the final release. The whole text is increased by more than 40 kbyte soon. Today 8 new web links and 10 operating systems are added to the list.

January 01, 2007: Happy New Year
I wishes a healthy and glad new year 2007 to all visitors of these Website. The next release is in work but it takes some time up to the publication.

August 14, 2006: OSDP Release 3.6
This project has a new name now. The abbreviation OSDP stands for Operating System Documentation Project and points with that to the main goal of this website: the documentation of informations about operating systems. The entry page with the language selection was revised, the new overview page replaces the previous place of the Weblog. The sitemap was refined appropriately. The translation into English of the last 25 pages was completed and the German pages revised at once. An eBook in the PDF format of this website for download is available now. A survey about the future development of this website was started in the Forum.

June 06, 2006: Additions and progress of the translation
Another 9 pages were translated in english meanwhile, the German version was revised and updated as desired. Linspire, MS DOS, NetWare, OpenBSD, Window Vista and other operating systems can now be viewed in english. 17 screenshots were added for the operating systems Windows 3.11 and Windows Vista.

May 25, 2006 progress of the translation
Another 3 pages were translated in english meanwhile, the German version was revised a little. Now FreeBSD, HP-UX and inferno are also in english available.

April 17, 2006 progress of the translation
Actually there were 46 from 82 pages translated in english. AtheOS, BeIA, CP/M and Darwin are now translated. Also smaller corrections were made at the German texts.

March 24, 2006 AIX Text completed
Details on the feature of the different AIX versions became extended.

February 27, 2006 progress of the translation
Actually there were 39 from 82 pages translated in english. Please look first to the sitemap for the translated pages until all pages are fully translated. Short information about OliveBSD and NexentaOS was added to this web site.

February 19, 2006 new screenshots
This project became around 108 new screenshots, among this operating systems like SuSE Linux 10.0, eComstation 1.2, BeleniX, Mandriva Linux 2006, NetBSD 3.99.7, SymphonyOS, Syllable, Visopsys and others. For the first time i also publish screenshots of the CMS of this website. Information about operating systems like BSD/OS, JavaOS, among others was completed. The quick links to the screenshots and version details on the pages were extended by the detail of the number of elements.

January 27, 2006: new page for MorphOS
I was pointed out to an error in the text by visitors of this website to MorphOS. This error has been removed 4 days ago and new website urls where added for this operating system. In addition, it was transferred from the general area to a own page and there are screenshots of MorphOS too (many thanks for this to Ulrich B.)., the os list was extended by 8 Linux distributors.

January 23, 2006: French language version
I have reconsidered the decision once again to adjust the French version of this website and to take of the net because of good feedback. This version remains additional in the WWW, however, the contents are not updated any more. So the last modification at the contents remains through this CMS at April 2005, furthermore all new screenshots are made available.

January 15, 2006 Market share of operating systems
An important information that was requested from web visitors several times was about the world wide market share of operating systems. From various references i have researched those informations and you can read about this in the knowledge area here.

January 09, 2006
From the feedback i received so far i have completed the OS list of the operating systems about 18 entries and found still somewhat interesting for all visitors from an answered email from July 2005. It contains information about executable file formats and/or installation archives under the different operating systems like *.com, *.exe, *.rpm, *.pkg files, you can read more in this short article about executable file formats.

January 05, 2006: New website design on the WWW
At today this website has got a new design. Now i can resume further development of this project with new informations and screenshots. I am working on the finishing of the english translation of this whole site too. The release date for the full translation is not known yet.

January 03, 2006: Weblog for this website created
In this year this website gets more improvement in design and amount of the total informations about operating systems. Those Weblog is created for all visitors to show the newest state of this website project, you can give me your feedback in the forum after the creating of an user account. In the past important decisions was met without notice through the visitors. Now this is changed with this Blog: more transparency in the further development and to show the actually activity of this project. Additionally become interesting emails from visitors available (anonymous) with the according answer to the questions. I am sorry to tell you that the translation in french was cancelled, for the future are only the german and english translation available. But this saves time to work on the enhancement of this website. The old Weblog entries about this website are further readable.

November 17, 2005: about 540,000.00 visitors
Today was the 540,000.00 visitor counted on this website since December 2000. After a few time the CGI-Counter was not available at all, it was replaced form my provider through a new counting system. Therefore the new visitor counter starts since December 2005 again from zero.



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