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Novell Company

Website 2007 Novell has his roots in the a computer manufacturer Novell Data Systems in 1979. In January 1983, this company was renamed to Novell Inc. with the new target to develop and commercialize software and hardware for use in networks. Raymond J. Noorda and the company Safeguard Scientific were involved in this process. The operating system NetWare was for the first time introduced in 1983. Novell developed his own network protocol IPX/SPX. In January 1993 Novell purchases UNIX system technology with the take over of the UNIX Systems Laboratories (USL) of AT&T, in 1995 Novell sells UNIX rights and source code to SCO and introduces UnixWare 2 as well as WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows. Once, Novell had planned to create a common base with SuperNOS from UnixWare and NetWare.

4,500 employees worldwide work for Novell, meanwhile a worldwide leading provider of infrastructure products for the eBusiness. Novell can refer to an installed basis of about 4.5 million NetWare servers and approx. 90 million users in the year 2005. Novell GroupWise has an installed base of about 22 million users worldwide. More than 68 million users use the NDS eDirectory. More than 27,000 specialized service partners and more than 400,000 certified technicians provide the product sales and customer services.

In April 2003 Novell published the plan also to provide all previous Netware services for Linux with complete technical support worldwide. Netware and Linux Kernel then support the same Network services. Novell purchased the company Ximian in August 2003 which one provided a Linux distribution of the same name and has developed the open source software Mono and Red Carpet. Ximian was founded in 1999. Ximian was founded in 1999. Novell announced the take-over of the
company SuSE Linux on 4th November 2003. For 210 million U.S. dollars the SuSE Linux distribution as well as the service supply is part of the new portfolio. Both enterprises shall be integrated completely in January 2004, the support contracts existing between IBM and SuSE Linux for SuSE Linux on IBM's eServer products and others are taken over. Netware will continue to exist besides SuSE Linux and get developed further. Novell started with his engagement for Linux already in the year 2000 and ported the eDirectory technology for Linux. Novell announced the publication of the Open Enterprise Server 1.0 at the Brainshare meeting in March 2004. This operating system combines the SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 and Netware 7. Further news was the migration of all desktop installations in the company to Linux until the end of the year. Open Office shall from now on be used as main application. The setup tool YaST and iFolder technology are declared together to free software now.

Novell published in March 2005 the message that 75% of the company computers have been switched over to Linux and Open Office till now. The Linux Desktop 10 planned for the next year shall represent a clear simplification for the users and an alternative to Windows and other Linux distributions.

Partner Firms

AOL, Cisco, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, Siemens, HP, IBM, Intel, NAI, Atos Origin, Sun
This enumeration does not lay any claim to completeness.


- Novell NDS eDirectory
-- leading directory service worldwide
-- platform independently
-- manages more than 1 billion objects
- Novell DirXML
-- solution for the synchronization of information
-- process triggering by events
- Novell iChain
-- security and administration infrastructure for eBusiness
-- controlled and authorized access to network resources
-- fine grained access controls
-- integrated cache
-- central logon and service server
- Novell Portal Services
-- portal provides the data after the login
-- individual design of the virtual work place
- Novell Account Management
-- based on NDS eDirectory
-- eliminates redundant authorization for the use of different platforms
-- central administration by administrator
- Novell Single Sign-on
-- protected applications with a password
-- automated process for the password input in the background
- Novell Bordermanager Enterprise Edition
-- comprehensive security in the Internet/intranet area
-- central control and administration of the internet access
-- firewall services, VPN functionality, authentification services, Caching
- Novell GroupWise
-- universal mailbox
-- supports default browsers
-- supports important standards like SMTP/MIME, POP3, LDAP, NNTP, IMAP
-- RemoteClient or WebAccess for independent access
- ZENworks for Desktops
-- desktop management
-- construction of user and group policies
-- software distribution
-- Helpdesk function
-- extensive hard and software inventory
- ZENworks for Servers
-- server administration
-- central directory based administration
-- B2B data sharing
-- management console
-- control by defined rules
This list does not lay any claim to completeness.
Source: Information from the CeBIT in 2001 (Novell)



Date - Version
2004 Nov. - Novell Linux Desktop 9
2006 - Novell Linux Desktop 10


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