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Download Operating Systems

DownloadOn this page you can find free files to download for private use. The category Download of Operating Systems leads you to external web sites, consider the licence terms for the use of the respective operating systems.

Download Operating Systems for Free Windows 10 as 32-bit and 64-bit ISO files Singularity (RDK) from Microsoft Software-Developing-Kit for your own OS Debian GNU/Linux ISO files Fedora Linux ISO files openSUSE Linux ISO files FreeBSD ISO files Demo CD-ROM eComStation (OS/2) Download FreeDOS QNX Momentics ISO files

Podcast Interview

In the 20th Podcast of the web site an interview of me was published. Interested visitors can download the german audio file in MP3 format from the following link and hear more about this project and operating systems in the second part of the Podcast.

Interview (German) | 25.2 mbyte | 2008-02-22

eBook about operating systems

You like to read all the information of the OSDP at any time on the own PC or mobile device? Just download the current free eBook in pdf format. It contains all information about the operating systems but does not include any screenshots, versions or weblinks yet. The index page displays also the link to the newest information page on this website so you stay up to date.

eBook operating systems (English) | 413 kbyte | 2016-09-03


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Italy, Lake Como
(1920x1440 - 447 KByte)
Italy, Lake Como
(1920x1440 - 270 KByte)
Italy, Lake Como
(1920x1440 - 363 KByte)
Italy, Lake Como
(1920x1440 - 529 KByte)
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Source and Download:
Blue Skies, New Mexico
Source and Download:
Cafe Noir, Raleigh NC
Source and Download:
Still waiting, Seoul
Source and Download:
And Now, Seoul