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BlackBerry OS

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The BlackBerry OS was developed by Research In Motion (RIM), the former name of BlackBerry Limited. The origins of this operating system trace back to the late 1990s when RIM focused on developing mobile solutions for wireless communication. Initially named BlackBerry Handheld Software, BlackBerry OS was first released in 1999 on early BlackBerry devices. This proprietary operating system formed the foundation for subsequent versions of BlackBerry OS, which were further developed and enhanced over the years.

Designed specifically for BlackBerry smartphones, BlackBerry OS emphasized secure email communication and the integration of business and enterprise applications. The operating system was optimized for their own smartphones powered by ARM-based processors.

Over the years, BlackBerry OS underwent advancements to support new features, an improved user interface, and a broader range of applications. BlackBerry OS lost market shares over the time, particularly with the emergence of Android and iOS, leading to the discontinuation of support and development for its proprietary operating system in 2011. After BlackBerry OS 7, BlackBerry didn't continue its mobile OS series and transitioned to BlackBerry 10, featuring QNX as a real-time microkernel for the next generation.

Initially, BlackBerry 10 did not natively support the installation of Android apps. Instead, it introduced a specific environment called "BlackBerry Runtime for Android" to run Android apps within a virtual machine. However, compatibility and performance were not always optimal, as not all Android apps ran flawlessly within this environment. After BlackBerry 10.3.4, BlackBerry shifted its focus towards the Android-based operating system, BlackBerry Android, ceasing the further development of BlackBerry 10.

BlackBerry Android is based on the Android operating system, adapted by BlackBerry for their devices and specific applications. It combines specific security features and BlackBerry services, ensuring a secure and productive mobile environment. The integration of the Google Play Store allowed unrestricted installation of Android apps.

After 2018, BlackBerry gradually phased out its own smartphone development and shifted focus towards software and services. Other companies manufactured smartphones under the BlackBerry brand, while BlackBerry concentrated on software. Their main focus centered around Cybersecurity, Internet of Things, and software development for automobiles.



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BlackBerry OS 10, Home ScreenBlackBerry OS 10, Quick Settings MenuBlackBerry OS 10, Quick Settings MenuBlackBerry OS 10, System Settings
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BlackBerry OS 10, System SettingsBlackBerry OS 10, Information about BlackBerryBlackBerry OS 10, Running AppsBlackBerry OS 10, Apps
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BlackBerry OS 10, AppsBlackBerry OS 10, BlackBerry Hub as Message centerBlackBerry OS 10, Storage UsageBlackBerry OS 10, Battery Usage
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BlackBerry OS 10, AuthenticationBlackBerry OS 10, CPU UsageBlackBerry OS 10, PhoneBlackBerry OS 10, Web Browser
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BlackBerry OS 10, Security and PrivacyBlackBerry OS 10, Security and PrivacyBlackBerry OS 10, Quick startBlackBerry OS 10, File Manager
BlackBerry OS - Operating System screenshot 21BlackBerry OS - Operating System screenshot 22
BlackBerry OS 10, Voice AssistantBlackBerry OS 10, Office Document Editor with Docs To Go


Date - Version
1999 - BlackBerry OS 1.0, proprietary microkernel
2002 - BlackBerry OS 2.0, proprietary microkernel
2005 - BlackBerry OS 4.0, proprietary microkernel
2009 - BlackBerry OS 5.0, proprietary microkernel
2010 - BlackBerry OS 6.0, proprietary microkernel
2011 - BlackBerry OS 7.0, proprietary microkernel
2011 - BlackBerry Tablet OS 1.0, based on QNX, launched with BlackBerry PlayBook
2012 - BlackBerry Tablet OS 2.0, based on QNX, last version, launched with BlackBerry PlayBook
2013 - BlackBerry 10, based on QNX
2015 - BlackBerry Android 5.1.1 - first launch with BlackBerry PRIV
2016 - BlackBerry Android 6.0 - for various BlackBerry devices
2017 - BlackBerry Android 7.1 - for various BlackBerry devices
2017 - BlackBerry 10.3.4 - last major update mainly security patches and bug fixes
2018 - BlackBerry Android 8.0 - last Android Release for BlackBerry KEY2 smartphones


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