BSD/OS Operating System

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BSD/OS from BSDi

BSD/OS Logo The Berkeley Software Design Inc. offers the commercial operating system BSD/OS for x86 compatible computer. BSD/OS descended of BSD Net/2 (1991) and is licensed under the BSD software license. It is cheap, reliable, offers high accuracy and performance. BSD/OS is compatible for POSIX and use the file system FFS (Fast File System). Field of applications are web hosting, e-mail server, Dial-Up server, proxy and DNS, router, firewall, Load Balancing and many further network services.

Update March 2000 BSDi merges with Walnut Creek CDROM, the main distributor of FreeBSD and Slackware Linux.

Update April 2001 Wind River Systems, Inc. takes over the operating system BSD/OS and the FreeBSD business from BSDi. The sale shall be completed until the end of April this year. BSDi renamed in iXsystems, Inc. and focus his energy on the hardware business with Internet servers and cluster in future. iXsystems becomes licenses to use BSD/OS and access to development tools of Wind River.

Update Jan. 2002 Wind River transfers the FreeBSD business with all customers and employees in this area to FreeBSD Mall, Inc. and concentrates on BSD/OS, vxWorks and Linux software solutions now. Already in October 2001 Wind River cancelled the financial support of FreeBSD.

Update Dec. 2003 Wind River stops the further development and the support for BSD/OS Internet Server Edition (ISE). The support for customers and the publication of bug fixes shall only be guaranteed up to Dec., 31. 2004.



Date - Version
1992, April - BSD/386 (BSDi) 0.3.1, first version
1992, June - BSD/386 (BSDi) 0.3.2
1993, March - BSD/386 (BSDi) 1.0
1994, Feb. - BSD/386 (BSDi) 1.1
1995, Jan. - BSD/OS (BSDi) 2.0
1995, June - BSD/OS (BSDi) 2.0.1
1996, Jan. - BSD/OS (BSDi) 2.1
1997, Feb. - BSD/OS (BSDi) 3.0
1998, March - BSD/OS (BSDi) 3.1
1998, Aug. - BSD/OS (BSDi) 4.0
1999, March - BSD/OS (BSDi) 4.0.1
1999, Dec. - BSD/OS (BSDi) 4.1
2000, Nov. - BSD/OS (BSDi) 4.2
2002, March - BSD/OS (Wind River) 4.3, supports Gigabit Ethernet
2003, May - BSD/OS (Wind River) 5.0, symmetrical multiprocessing,
2003, Oct. - BSD/OS (Wind River) 5.1, upgrade for version 5.0, Kerberos 5, gcc 3.2.2, gdb 5.2.1, binutils 2.3.1, TCP Segmentation Offload, USB 1.1 support, improved DMA support


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