BSD Family

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BSD Development

BSD stands for Berkeley Software Distribution and was developed by the University of California at Berkeley. BSD is one of the main branches shared from the AT&T UNIX v6 in 1978. The code was developed further and partly replaced. In the course of the time BSD forked in 4 distributions. The splitting-off took place to the second BSD line (3 BSD) between 1979 and 1980. From this BSD Net/2 in 1991 and from this the first BSDi in 1992 where formed. The second fork was to 386-BSD in 1992 which became finally to FreeBSD 1.0 in 1993. Direct successor of BSD Net/2 was NetBSD in April 1993. OpenBSD was created of NetBSD in 1995.
As symbol figure a BSD Daemon was chosen, drawn by Marshall Kirk McKusick. Walnut Creek is the main supplier of CDROM distributions with FreeBSD and has established for the Daemon the name Chuck, beastie is another name and shall represent not a devil but an daemon.

The EuroBSDCon is a yearly developer convention to exchange informations about BSD releated topics. The first convention took place in UK/Brighton, the second EuroBSDCon was given in Amsterdam in November 2002, the third in Germany/Karlsruhe in 2004, the fourth at the University of Basel in Switzerland in 2005 with more than 220 exhibitors from 27 countries and topics like development and BSD on embedded devices. The fifth EuroBSDCon took place in Milan in November 2006.



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