Gentoo Linux Operating System

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Gentoo Linux

Gentoo Logo Gentoo was founded by Daniel Robbins in the year 2001. The first version 1.0 has been published in March 2002.

Gentoo offers a special and powerful installation program named Portage. This installs the programs or the source code after the package selection, optionally from the Internet, a high-speed Internet connection is recommendable. Advantages are the use of always most current software as well as the special customization and optimization on the existing hardware and the field of application. Portage takes care of it automatically. The software must be compiled at every installation, there are no precompiled software packages as in the case of other distributions. A speed advantage at modern processors of 20% compared with software compiled normally is possible.

Gentoo Linux is usably on the x86, PowerPC, UltraSparc and alpha architecture. Gentoo Linux 1.4 (08-05-2003) is based on the new gcc 3.2 and current Linux Kernel 2.4.19, over 4,000 software packages can be chosen.

D. Robbins decided to take distance in April 2004 of his roll as boss developer at Gentoo. On 23th May 2005 D. Robbins changed to Microsoft, before he transferred all rights and intellectual property at the Gentoo project to the charitable Gentoo-Foundation.

Gentoo Linux is actively maintained and is a rolling release distribution that isn't released with a specific version number. Once installed, packages are continuously updated.



Gentoo Linux Operating System screenshot 1Gentoo Linux Operating System screenshot 2Gentoo Linux Operating System screenshot 3Gentoo Linux Operating System screenshot 4
Gentoo 2006 Boot Screen of CD-ROMGentoo 2006 Default Desktop GNOMEGentoo 2006 Mozilla Firefox Internet BrowserGentoo 2011 boot screen of DVD
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Gentoo 2011 desktopGentoo 2011 file manager and TerminalGentoo 2011 Konqueror internet browser


Date - Version
2002 March - Gentoo Linux 1.0


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