Mandrake Linux Operating System

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Mandriva (Mandrake Linux)

Mandriva Logo MandrakeSoft was founded in France in 1998. With the distribution Mandrake Linux based on Linux and configuration tools of its own as well as specified KDE surface the target was put to be installable as simply as possible operably and without problems. RPM is used as a packet format for software, one recognizes the precompiled software by the code contained in the package name, "mdk", for Mandrake Linux. It is available as a desktop and server version.

Test: July 2003
The installation of Mandrake proceeds uncomplicatedly. By dialog procedures the system is established, the kind of installation can with or without surfaces, development, console tools as well as server applications be selected comfortably. As a typical workstation with Open Office the installation uses approx. 1.1 GByte storage space, as complete server installation 490 MByte and as a development environment only 370 MByte. If one selects all components, the setup installs 1.7 GByte of the 3 CD-ROMs. As a booting manager lilo is installed, after the graphical booting procedure the first-time assistent enabling the configuration of the GUI and the e-mail client.

Update March 2004, Mandrakelinux 10.0 Community Release: The ISO images of the three CDs be able to download or to send by an ISO distributor on CD-ROM at mail. ontained are the Kernel 2.6.3, XFree86 4.3, GCC 3.3.2 and glibc 2.3.3. You can choice between the KDE 3.2, gnomes 2.4.2 and IceWM 1.2.13 desktop. Standard applications are the web suite Mozilla 1.6 and Open Office 1.1. Details of the control centre became improved, software tools for the DVD burning and for the network set up were revised.

From the fusion of Mandrakesoft and Conectiva was Mandriva formed. Mandrakesoft published the take-over of the Linux enterprise Conectiva leading in Brazil and Latin America on 24-2-2005. This strengthens the know how of Mandrakesoft in the area of research and development. The strengths of Conectiva were broad Linux software solutions for big firms, enterprises and authorities in whole Latin America. Mandrakesoft purchases all shares of Conectiva for about 1.8 million euros in shares.

Mandriva published his new Linux distribution Mandriva limited edition 2005 on 04-13-05. Processors with dual core are supported now and besides 32 bits also 64 bit processors. The contained applications for the web became improved as others like GCC 3.4.3, 1.1.4 and MySQL 4.1.11 are part of the installation package with better hardware support too. The Linux Kernel, KDE 3.3.2 and gnomes 2.8.3 are up to date.

The agreement between Mandriva and Lycoris to take on values in the form of patents and enterprise parts was published on 06-15-2005. The founder of Lycoris, Joseph Cheek, changes to Mandriva. A new and better Linux product shall arise for the desktop and the development of desktop technologies be accelerated by the acquisition. Lycoris has developed special customizations of his Lycoris desktop/LX distribution for Tablet and Pocket PCs. Both distributions shall unify into a common product.

Mandriva Linux 2007 is available in 3 versions. The Discovery Pack is designed for beginners, Powerpack is aimed to the advanced user and Powerpack+ for SOHO user. The GNOME 2.16 or KDE 3.5.4 desktop can be used on AIGLX and Xgl with 3D functions. A complete DVD video player is available with LinDVD, with Cedega of TransGaming PC Windows games are playable.



Mandrake Linux Operating System screenshot 1Mandrake Linux Operating System screenshot 2Mandrake Linux Operating System screenshot 3Mandrake Linux Operating System screenshot 4
Mandrake Linux 9.1, Konqueror browser with Mandrake favouritesMandrake Linux 9.1, KDE 3.1 desktop and KDE menuMandrake Linux 9.1, Support and online helpMandrake Linux 9.1, bash Shell
Mandrake Linux Operating System screenshot 5Mandrake Linux Operating System screenshot 6Mandrake Linux Operating System screenshot 7Mandrake Linux Operating System screenshot 8
Mandrake Linux 10, Welcome messageMandrake Linux 10, Mandrake Desktop with program selectionMandrake Linux 10, Configuration of Mandrake sorted by categoryMandrake Linux 10, category: system
Mandrake Linux Operating System screenshot 9Mandrake Linux Operating System screenshot 10Mandrake Linux Operating System screenshot 11Mandrake Linux Operating System screenshot 12
Mandrake Linux 10, category: servicesMandrake Linux 10, category: hardwareMandrake Linux 10, consoleMandrake Linux 10, preview of video- and audio files
Mandrake Linux Operating System screenshot 13Mandrake Linux Operating System screenshot 14Mandrake Linux Operating System screenshot 15Mandrake Linux Operating System screenshot 16
Mandriva 2006 - boot menuMandriva 2006 - Licence agreementMandriva 2006 - Installation mediaMandriva 2006 - selection of software
Mandrake Linux Operating System screenshot 17Mandrake Linux Operating System screenshot 18Mandrake Linux Operating System screenshot 19Mandrake Linux Operating System screenshot 20
Mandriva 2006 - progress for file copyMandriva 2006 - Internet update of softwareMandriva 2006 - Mandriva websiteMandriva 2006 - KDE 3.4 interface and menu
Mandrake Linux Operating System screenshot 21Mandrake Linux Operating System screenshot 22Mandrake Linux Operating System screenshot 23Mandrake Linux Operating System screenshot 24
Mandriva 2006 - Shell with Root- directory and versionMandriva 2006 - control centreMandriva 2008 Boot Screen of CD-ROMMandriva 2008 Choice of Language
Mandrake Linux Operating System screenshot 25Mandrake Linux Operating System screenshot 26Mandrake Linux Operating System screenshot 27Mandrake Linux Operating System screenshot 28
Mandriva 2008 Select software profileMandriva 2008 Installation processMandriva 2008 Boot LoaderMandriva 2008 graphical Login
Mandrake Linux Operating System screenshot 29
Mandriva 2008 Default Desktop KDE


Date - Version
1998 July - Mandrake Linux 5.1 (venice) kernel 2.0.35
1998 Dec. - Mandrake Linux 5.2 (leeloo) kernel 2.0.36
1999 Feb. - Mandrake Linux 5.3 (festen) kernel 2.0.36
1999 May - Mandrake Linux 6.0 (venus) kernel 2.2.9
1999 Sep. - Mandrake Linux 6.1 (helios) kernel 2.2.13
2000 Jan. - Mandrake Linux 7.0 (air) kernel 2.2.14
2000 June - Mandrake Linux 7.1 (helium) kernel 2.2.15
2000 Oct. - Mandrake Linux 7.2 (ulysses) kernel 2.2.17
2001 April - Mandrake Linux 8.0 (traktopel) kernel 2.4.3, ext3, JFS, ReiserFS, XFS
2001 Sept. - Mandrake Linux 8.1 (vitamin) kernel 2.4.8
2002 March - Mandrake Linux 8.2 (bluebird) kernel 2.4.18
2002 Sept. - Mandrake Linux 9.0 (dolphin) kernel 2.4.19, gcc 3.2, XFree86 4.2.1
2003 March - Mandrake Linux 9.1 (bamboo) kernel 2.4.21
2004 March - Mandrake Linux 10.0 kernel 2.6.3
2005 Sept. - Mandrake Linux 10.1
2005 April - Mandriva Limited Edition 2005
2005 Oct. - Mandriva Linux 2006
2006 Oct. - Mandriva Linux 2007
2007 Sept. - Mandriva Linux 2008
2008 Sept. - Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring


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