Zeta Operating System

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Magnussoft 2007 Another project is the commercial Zeta distribution developed by the company yellowTAB, this is an official successor of the BeOS Personal Edition with source code from the OpenBeOS project. The Zeta distribution was called at the beginning BeOS NG (new generation). yellowTAB was founded in Germany, Stuttgart by 10 persons. This company acquired the license from Palm to use and develop the BeOS source code. Yellowtab engages itself also in Eastern Asia and Latin America for the sale and marketing. Zeta was located for the German and English market and is planned in the variants Home -, Developer and Deluxe edition.

Zeta 1.2 was released in April 2006. New in this release is the enhanced support for SATA devices, new audio/video codecs (MP3, Ogg Vorbis, XviD), additional graphic and printer driver. The interface was redesigned, the in past release required activation was removed. The software publisher magnussoft takes over the YellowTab zeta operating system with May 2006 and provides the worldwide distribution and further development exclusively. The managing director Bernd Korz also changes to magnussoft, YellowTab is in the insolvency. The updated Zeta 1.21 live CD from 2006-09-25 is limited in the sense that no programmes can be installed and no files can be stored. The web site from YellowTAB was taken finally away from the server on November 24th, 2006. New releases of Zeta operating system shall be named with magnussoft ZETA. The property rights at the BeOS source code in Zeta lie further at the company Access.

Magnussoft Deutschland GmbH stops the sale of the products magnussoft Zeta 1.21 and magnussoft Zeta 1.5 update on 2007-04-05. Access Co. Ltd. gave a statement according to which neither YellowTAB GmbH nor Magnussoft Deutschland GmbH are or were entitled to the sale of the product Zeta. Due to the arisen uncertainty about the legal position Magnussoft Deutschland GmbH takes distance of the further sales until the clarification of the facts. Till now the exact licensing agreement between Mr. Korz and Access Co. Ltd. is unknown, at present it is not guaranteed that rights of third parties at parts of Zeta are not violated.



Zeta Operating System screenshot 1Zeta Operating System screenshot 2Zeta Operating System screenshot 3Zeta Operating System screenshot 4
Zeta 1.1, LiveCD bootingZeta 1.1, desktopZeta 1.1, systemZeta 1.1, copyright and terminal
Zeta Operating System screenshot 5Zeta Operating System screenshot 6Zeta Operating System screenshot 7Zeta Operating System screenshot 8
Zeta 1.21, LiveCD bootingZeta 1.21, desktopZeta 1.21, systemZeta 1.21, copyright and terminal


Date - Version
2003 Oct. - Zeta RC1
2004 Jan. - Zeta RC2
2004 June - Zeta RC3
2004 Oct. - Zeta Neo, SP1 at Dec. 2004
2005 June - Zeta 1.0
2006 April - Zeta 1.2
2006 Sept. - Zeta 1.21
2007 March - Zeta 1.5, Professional Upgrade for 1.21
--- - Zeta 1.5.1, not released


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