BeIA Operating System

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BeIA Screenshot BeIA (Be Internet Appliances) is a software platform which offers particularly simple access to Internet applications. It is based on BeOS and was scale-downed strongly. BeIA differentiates from BeOS by the platform independence and the specialization for multimedia and Internet applications for devices like web pads, settop or Internet boxes. Applications are surfing in the internet, audio streaming, video playback and e-mail communication. The system boots particularly fast, was developed for the x86 and PowerPC architecture and needs at least 8 mbyte fixed storage (harddisk, CompactFlash) as well as 32 mbyte RAM. BeIA was licensed for a small selection of devices of Sony, Compaq and Qubit.

Sony presented a product named eVilla on the base of BeIA 1.0 for internet access. Sony released a press report on 30th August, 2001 that this product is not continued any more because of the low market success.

eVilla hardware

15" display: 14" visible, portrait FD Trinitron® CRT display (800x1024)
CPU: Geode GX1R (266 MHz), graphic: Geode CS5530A
24 mbyte flash ROM, 64-mbyte DRAM
V.90 modem
Audio: AC97 codec, Built-in stereo Speakers; Memory Stick media slot
Keyboard/Mouse ports: 2 x PS/2
2 x USB ports for USB printers and ZIP drives
Power consumption: 120 VAC, 50-60 hz, 2.0 A, 110 W (maximum)
Size (W-H-D): 300 mm x 411 mm x 402 mm
Weight: 14.3 kg
Compact keyboard with 71 keys
Scroll Mouse; ISP Service: eVilla online service (powered by EarthLink)

eVilla software

e-mail communication for up to 4 users
Internet browser Opera 4.0
Real player
Macromedia Flash 4.0
Staff Java Plugin
Support SSL2 and SSL3 for connections
File viewer for PDF, pure ASCII text and HTML includet
Graphic file formats: JPEG, progressive JPEG, GIF, PNG
Audio file formats: MP3, WAV, MIDI, AU, AIFF, real audio
Video file formats: MPEG 1, Real video



BeIA Operating System screenshot 1BeIA Operating System screenshot 2BeIA Operating System screenshot 3BeIA Operating System screenshot 4
eVilla - product pictureeVilla - Video PlayereVilla - Web browsereVilla - Selection of various website
BeIA Operating System screenshot 5BeIA Operating System screenshot 6
eVilla - Audio PlayerScreenshot of the eVilla Website


Date - Version
2000 Feb. - BeIA 1.0 beta, codename Stinger
2000 Oct. - BeIA 1.0
2001 May - BeIA 1.09.2
--- - BeIA 1.5
--- - BeIA 2.0


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