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Company Be Inc.

Be Inc. Logo The company Be Incorporated was founded of Jean-Louis Gassée with a couple of developers after his work in the Apple development department in 1990.

The BeBox was the first product of the new company, which was introduced officially in 1995 but did not bring the desired success. The BeBox was not compatible to the existing computing system types such as the IBM PC. It was operated with 2 PowerPC processors. In 1996 a BeOS version was for the first time introduced for the Mac which should serve as an innovation source for Apple. But the negotiations turned into nothing and Apple decided in favour of NeXT. The BeBox was abandoned because of the low sales at the beginning of 1997 so that as of now the work concentrated on BeOS for the x86 architecture. It was the reason for the development of BeOS to create a modern and efficient multimedia platform which is not based on an old system structure and completely new.

BeOS was used primarily in the area of multimedia by software developer and users whereupon the first PC version was introduced for the first time for x86 processors in August 1997, few times later for the Mac too.

The first BeBox model contains two PowerPC 603 CPUs with 66 MHz, up to 8 x 32 mbyte main memory SIMM module, IDE and SCSI ports, 3 x PCI and 5 x ISA card slots.



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