Review of Operating Systems aims to be one of the best online resources available for people who are looking for informations about operating systems. Within this website you'll find a number of in depth reviews and informative articles about the various operating systems available for your computers. There are also a variety of screenshots of these operating systems to help you get a better picture of how well these work with your laptops and PC's.

You can find much informations about the history of operating systems and historical facts since the first release of this website in 2001. This project is still work in progress, the articles grows with every feedback and continuous improvement by the main author. Many screenshots and version informations complete the objective reviews.

Last update: 2011-07-12 Several articles updated
Windows 8 has now an own page on this website and several already existing articles about operating systems has been updated during the past days including eComStation, Haiku, Gentoo Linux and MenuetOS.


RISC OS Reduced Instruction Set Computer Operating System. More about RISC OS

Windows 8 Successor of Windows 7. On market since October 2012. More about Windows 8

Mac OS 9 Apple's operating system for PowerPC from 1999. More about Mac OS

Android OS Special operating system with linux kernel for smartphones, developed by google. On the market since October 2008. More about Android OS

Debian GNU/Linux Non-commercial linux distribution, initiated by Ian Murdock on 16th August 1993. More about Debian

eComStation Licensed OS/2 operating system, developed by Serenity Systems since the year 2000. More about eComStation

Haiku Started in August 18th, 2001 as OpenBeOS, this is the official open source successor of BeOS. More about Haiku

Windows 7 Successor of Windows Vista re- leased in October 2009. More about Windows 7

Windows ME Successor of Windows 98 Second Edition released on September 14th, 2000. More about Windows ME

Zeta Commercial BeOS distribution, developed by yellowTAB. Development and sale stopped on 5th April 2007. More about Zeta

QNX Real time operating system, compatible to POSIX. With integrated development environ- ment. More about QNX

Windows Vista Published by Microsoft in July 2005. Introducing the new Aero interface. More about Windows Vista