Windows 1.0 Operating System

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Windows 1.0

Windows 1.0 Screenshot Microsoft supplied Windows 1.0 on 5 floppy disks for a comparatively cheap price a complete software for many tasks without additional software. The MS-DOS executive makes file system actions possible like start of applications and copying and deletion of files and folders. The input of the parameters with the correct syntax is removed from the user and queries is easy done over dialogues to ask about all relevant data for the desired action. The user interface can be served with one computer mouse, alternatively are keyboard combinations useable. Over icons and pull-down menus actions can be selected. As minimum requirement is DOS 2.0, two floppy disk drives and 256 KByte of main memorys presupposed. A fixed storage disk drive accelerates the use of several applications.

As default applications Paint, Calc, Write, Calendar, Notepad, Cardfile and a terminal emulator are provided. The Spooler ensures the printing of files in the background and the clipboard for data exchange between different programs. The window size of applications is individually resizeable and with several open windows the available place on the surface is optimally filled out. With suitable graphic card a screen resolution of 640x350 pixels is possible with 16 colors. Cooperative multitasking run several applications at the same time. With the Program information editor you can comfortably create configuration files in the PIF format for existing programs. These PIF files provides settings as the necessary memory, the data folder, necessary parameters and which interfaces the program uses.



Windows 1.0  Operating System screenshot 1Windows 1.0  Operating System screenshot 2Windows 1.0  Operating System screenshot 3Windows 1.0  Operating System screenshot 4
Windows 1.01 - Setup1.01 - Setup1.01 - Setup1.01 - Setup
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1.01 - Setup1.01 - Setup1.01 - Boot screen1.01 - MS-DOS Executive
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1.01 - Shutdown1.01 - Version


Date - Version
1985 Nov. - Windows 1.01
1986 Jan. - Windows 1.02
1986 Aug. - Windows 1.03
1987 April - Windows 1.04