Windows 95 Operating System

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Windows 95

Windows 95 Screenshot The new Windows operating system with the internal version 4.0 is the successor of Windows 3.11 and brings a completely new design of the interface and of the kernel with it. 32-bit applications are supported fully, DOS applications can also virtually be used now in a DOS box, furthermore 16-bits of programs are supported. Windows 95 to ME still needs DOS for the loading up program and for the DOS box. New hardware is comfortably recognized by plug and play, the memory management was developed further considerably.

Important part of Windows 95 is the Registry now, which is responsible for the system behaviour like file association, program parameter, driver software, system configuration and others. The Registry consists of the files system.dat and user.dat, these are located in the Windows directory. The files system.ini and win.ini are less important but are necessary for the system start furthermore. For user profiles one user.dat is placed in each user directory and loaded upon login of the user for the individual user settings.

DOS driver software are no longer necessary in compare to Windows 3.x by now, the driver software model was changed and the hardware is used through virtual device drivers (*.VxD) directly under Windows.

Area of application
- private users
- PC Games
- Office application
- network client

Structure information
- 32-bit operating system, with 16-bit code
- up to 512 mbyte RAM addressable
- file size up to 4 gbyte

System environment
- Shell is "Explorer.exe", optional is the Program Manager "Progman.exe" from Windows 3.1 included
- Minimal hardware requirements: 4 mbyte RAM, 50 mbyte harddisk storage
- Integration of the Internet Explorer 3.0
- supports now FAT32 (since Version B), FAT16, VFAT
- preemptive multitasking for 32-bit programs
- cooperative multitasking for 16-bit programs
- ACPI Power save mode partly supported (except suspend to disk)
- x86 and compatible processors

- plug and play, high number of device drivers
- high compatibility to DOS, Windows 3.x
- high number of software
- no multiprocessing
- low local/network security
- old system architecture (16-bit software compatibility)
- badly scalable

31st December 2001: Windows 95 Support has ended

Phone support that may charged on an hourly base and extended, limited hotfix support has ended.



Windows 95 Operating System screenshot 1Windows 95 Operating System screenshot 2Windows 95 Operating System screenshot 3Windows 95 Operating System screenshot 4
Windows 95 B, boot processWindows 95 B, start menu, fetures of the display, in the background the utility programs for the harddisk storageWindows 95 B, preinstalled Internet Explorer 3.0, the Windows interface is kept rather simpleWindows 95 B, Windows Explorer with detailed view, version information in the DOS box
Windows 95 Operating System screenshot 5Windows 95 Operating System screenshot 6Windows 95 Operating System screenshot 7Windows 95 Operating System screenshot 8
Windows 95 B, features of the system and system control in the symbol viewWindows 95 B, In the full installation of Windows 95 many simple programs are preinstalledWindows 95 B, with the Active Desktop of the Internet Explorer v4.0 a web view is integrated optionally in Windows 95Windows 95c - Windows setup
Windows 95 Operating System screenshot 9Windows 95 Operating System screenshot 10Windows 95 Operating System screenshot 11Windows 95 Operating System screenshot 12
Windows 95 C, setup assistantWindows 95 C, Selection of the configurationWindows 95 C, hardware detectionWindows 95 C, Base settings of the computer
Windows 95 Operating System screenshot 13Windows 95 Operating System screenshot 14Windows 95 Operating System screenshot 15Windows 95 Operating System screenshot 16
Windows 95 C, file copy processWindows 95 C, Installation of the Internet Explorer 4.0Windows 95 C, file and directory ExplorerWindows 95 C, start menu and version informations
Windows 95 Operating System screenshot 17Windows 95 Operating System screenshot 18Windows 95 Operating System screenshot 19Windows 95 Operating System screenshot 20
Windows 95 C, Quiet of Windows (shut down, restart, DOS mode, log off)Windows 95 C, Internet Explorer mit WebsiteWindows 95 C, Information about the space consumption of a partitionWindows 95 C, playback of videos in the Media player
Windows 95 Operating System screenshot 21Windows 95 Operating System screenshot 22Windows 95 Operating System screenshot 23Windows 95 Operating System screenshot 24
Windows 95 C, network view, shared folders and filesWindows 95 C, View of the drives and system controlWindows 95 C, view of the root directory and device managerWindows 95 C, Registry and system files


Date - Version
1995 Aug. - 4.00.950, Windows 95 base version, codename "Chicago"
1996 Feb. - 4.00.950a, Windows 95 A (OSR1)
1996 Aug. - 4.00.1111b, Windows 95 B (OSR2), first time with FAT-32 support, sale only through OEM, IE 3.0 integrated
1997 April - Windows 95 B (OSR2.1)
1997 Nov. - 4.03.1214c, Windows 95 C (OSR2.5), Y2K update
2001 Dec. - Windows 95 Support terminated