Windows 3.11 Operating System

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Windows 3.11

Windows 3.11 Screenshot The successor of Windows 3.10 was Windows 3.11 for Workgroups (WfW) with network abilities for use as a client in an network. The operating systems supports now beside Netbeui for the first time TCP/IP too. WFW could combine and show up to 25 computers in a working group. DOS drivers remains resistant after the Windows start. The system can be specified over the following configuration files: WIN.INI, SYSTEM.INI and PROGMAN.INI, the Registry has no great importance and only a minor meaning.

With the extension Win32s published later, also few 32-bit applications designed for Windows 95 could be executed now, last version of Win32s was 1.30c of February 1996. With "Video for Windows" (VfW) the multimedia ability got updated. The minimum hardware requirements for use of Windows 3.x are 2 mbyte RAM and 15 mbyte free harddisk storage.

Area of application
- private users
- Office use
- network client

Structure information
- cooperative multitasking
- 32-bit addressing in protected mode (with 386 CPU or better)
- 16-bit operating system
- File size up to 2 gbyte
- File system is FAT16

- high compatibility to DOS
- low resource required
- difficult network configuration
- limited security

Microsoft announced for the 01.11.2008 to take Windows 3.11 of the market definitely. The operating system manufacturer offered licences for equipment manufacturers till now. The support was already terminated at the end of 2001.

31st December 2001: Windows 3.11 Support has ended

Phone support that may charged on an hourly base and extended, limited hotfix support has ended.



Windows 3.11 Operating System screenshot 1Windows 3.11 Operating System screenshot 2Windows 3.11 Operating System screenshot 3Windows 3.11 Operating System screenshot 4
Windows 3.11 - Setup of WfW 3.11one of two Kinds of installation are to chooseThe desktop of Windows 3.11 looks that wayThe program manager represents graphical Shell
Windows 3.11 Operating System screenshot 5Windows 3.11 Operating System screenshot 6Windows 3.11 Operating System screenshot 7Windows 3.11 Operating System screenshot 8
The system controlThe file manager for the file and directory accessWindows 3.11 needs explicitly a DOS installation, in this case MS DOS 6.22Network card driver
Windows 3.11 Operating System screenshot 9Windows 3.11 Operating System screenshot 10Windows 3.11 Operating System screenshot 11
installed Microsoft Windows Network, Ping commandNetwork - TCP/IP-32 3.11b, Internet Explorer 5.0Internet Explorer 5.0 and file download


Date - Version
1992 April - Windows 3.10
1993 Nov. - Windows for Workgroups 3.11
1994 - Windows 3.2, chinese version
2001 Dec. - Windows 3.11 Support has ended