Project History

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Project History

The progress of this Website is noted on this page. The milestones are sorted chronological and represent a timeline from the beginning till 15th of August 2005. All following changes are documented within the Changelog.

15. August 2005 - Release 3.5

Forum now available
Photos added (6)
OS-News added (13)
OS-List completed (11)
Screenshots to BeOS, SkyOS, dragonflyBSD, QNX, ReactOS, Linspire, Windows Vista (Longhorn), Plan9 added (63)
Text about OpenBSD revised
Text about Apple, Mac OS, BeIA completed
updated search index
Informations about Aperios, ARM (Platform), AmigaOS, NewDeal, BeOS, Darwin, Debian Linux, LFS, Knoppix, PC-BSD, MirOS BSD, emBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Solaris, Firma Cray, Firma Sun, Firma HP, AIX, MorphOS, SkyOS, VxWorks, Windows Mobile added
Version-History about SymbianOS, UNICOS, AmigaOS, Darwin, Linux Kernel, Linux-Distributions, AIX, Mac OS, Solaris, FreeBSD, Mandriva, OpenBSD revised

20. April 2005

Website launch with new design

07. March 2005

Today about 3.700 page views was counted on this website.

01. January 2005 - Visitors 2004

From 1. January 2004 to 31. December 2004 about 184,533 visitors were on this website and comes from following Domains:

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Sorted by host operating systems:

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09. May 2004 - Translation

This Website is now available in french too

12. September 2003 - Website Release 3.0

Release 3.0
1 Star1 Star1 Star

Offline-Version from this website now available
Upload of the whole website (17 MByte)
SCO UnixWare 7.1.1 added
revised the Text (Content/Layout)
optimized for older Browser without CSS
optimized display starting from 800x600 pixel
updated search-index
revised the CP/M & MS-DOS OSes
Company Hewlett Packard and HP-UX, Tru64 UNIX, OpenVMS added
Company Digital Research added
all Platforms completed (8)
tabular representation of OS versions
AROS, OS/9 added
Palm OS updated
conversation to the .PNG format for Screenshots
Windows Server 2003 added
LFS added
OS-List supplemented (72)
Hyperlinks supplemented (9)
OS-News supplemented (3)
OS Version info updated
Linux Distributions revised (11)

15. July 2003 - Visitor Counter

Today was the 40,000th Visitor
on this website!

since 20. November 2000

22. December 2002 - Website Release 2.0

Release 2.0
1 Star1 Star

Get the offline version from this website at request
Upload of these Website (17.5 MByte)
Terms supplement (3)
Tweak up of design & text of all pages
Firm info's about sgi revised
Extended the filesystem page
Chagelog complete revised
Change the FAQ page to the test questions (38)
Introduction of the operating system list (424)
Windows NT 4.0 revised
Hyperlinks added (10)
Firm websites added (16)
OS Hurd and Darwin added
Extended the search index
Extended info's about Linux and Distributions
Extended Sun and Solaris info's
Extended RISC OS info's, include version 4.32
Extended AIX info's, include version 5.2
Extended info's about Microsoft with .NET and Palladium
Windows 2000 revised, SP3 Screenshots, services overview
Windows XP and architecture revised
BSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD revised & extended
News about oeprating systems and Firms added (5)
short info's about other operating systems added (16)
Firm website Gallery 2001 and 2002 extended
optimized screenshot display
link/remove abandoned files (13)
fixed various write errors

29. November 2002 - visitor Counter

Today was the 20,000th Visitor
on these Website!

since 20. November 2000

15. February 2002 - Release 1.0

Release 1.0
1 Star

This operating system project is now one InterNet year old with provisionally complete information offer and adapted Web Design!
New completions: Changelog lauched
All HTML sides adapted and improved
Windows 95, BSD, BSD/OS, platforms
New Screenshots: Windows 95/98/ME and XP
Corrections and actualizations: ... countless ;-)

15. February 2001

First online release at
Help page, OS-Index, Hyperlinks, Project, Changelog
Terms, Firms, Knowledge, Sources
Apple, Mac OS, BeOS, OS/2 Warp, Microsoft, Windows Family, MS-DOS, Windows NT 3.1, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP (alias Whistler), Windows ME, NetWare, QNX, PDAs: Windows CE, JavaOS, Solaris, Unix, Linux, SuSE, BSD, FreeBSD, SCO Unix

16. November 2000


Mai 1999 to Dec. 1999

Start with the Documentation: "Bedienoberflächen für Computer" with this content: operating systems (11) and there File systems (5)