MorphOS Operating System

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Morphos Screenshot Originally the MorphOS project was started to port AmigaOS from the 68k CISC architecture to the more current PowerPC RISC architecture in 1999. However, it came to that in the further project course, the MorphOS got an independent development with own hardware and not been based on AmigaOS or its hardware. The members of the MorphOS project already had knowledge in the hardware development. Fastlane (SCSI controller), CyberStorm (first 68060 CPU board), CyberVision64 graphic boards and the PowerPC architecture. These are very good condition for use of MorphOS on the Pegasus, a computer with PowerPC G3 or G4 processor and modern microATX mainboard.

MorphOS offers highly optimized and object-oriented code, contains the quark microkernel, needs few RAM and can emulate the 68K CPU through a fast JIT (Just In Time) compiler. MorphOS is not certified as RTOS, however it offers a very short reaction time. The source code is partly closed source and open source. As a file system FFS (Fast File System) or this more reliable and faster SFS (Smart File System) can be used. The USB Stack is called Poseidon and is very efficient. MOSNet is called the TCP/IP Stack and is developed in pure PPC source code. In this project flows components of the AROS (Amiga Research Operating System) project, MorphOS is compatibly to AmigaOS programs. USB devices are supported and 3D games can be played with this operating system too. As desktop Ambient is used which is similar to the concept of the Amiga Desktop Workbench. The icons of the user interface can be scaled freely in real time, the MUI (Magic User Interface) provides round forms and opacity effects. By the multi-threading Ambient reacts at any time, the desktop does not freeze at the user input if the accessed network is not obtainable. The colour representation in true colour, visual effects and the transparent display with alpha colour channel are supported. Files and data storage devices are accessed with 64-bits of computing precision, nothing therefore is in the way for the use of large files and fixed storage disks. The Kaya Audio Player supports files with Ogg Vorbis and MP3 format, with the VoyagerPPC you can surf in the Internet.

Since the 2004/15/11 has to be read under the MorphOS website that maybe unpayed salary demands of members of the previous developer team and other project related persons against the company Genesi exists. Until the payment shall not be published any new release. Genesi has given a statement after that which denies these demands and the not licensed sale of MorphOS. Genesi further supports the external development of MorphOS 1.5 if the development project plam and time schedule for this is named. By the public announcement of the demands new partnerships of Genesi with companies were prevented.

The MorphOS desktop Ambient has been put under the GPL on 2005/22/01 and is available in source code under sourceforge for free download.

MorphOS in the version 1.4.5 was published in April 2005. A free test version of MorphOS was published for Amiga systems with PowerUP extension to the 5-year MorphOS jubiliaeum in August 2005. This test version can become a full version after registration.

The operating system MorphOS 2.4 released in October 2009 supports the hardware Pegasos 1 and 2, Efika 5200B and Mac mini G4.



MorphOS Operating System screenshot 1MorphOS Operating System screenshot 2MorphOS Operating System screenshot 3MorphOS Operating System screenshot 4
MorphOS 1.4.5, Ambient desktop with effectsMorphOS 1.4.5, playback of audio filesMorphOS 1.4.5, internet browser with eMail programMorphOS 1.4.5, PDF file viewer and 3D-game
MorphOS Operating System screenshot 5MorphOS Operating System screenshot 6MorphOS Operating System screenshot 7MorphOS Operating System screenshot 8
MorphOS 1.4.5, configuration of hardware and the user interfaceMorphED, C++ compilerMorphOS 2.4, Ambient with variousFile Manager views and ShellMorphOS 2.4, Ambient without the transparency effects
MorphOS Operating System screenshot 9MorphOS Operating System screenshot 10MorphOS Operating System screenshot 11MorphOS Operating System screenshot 12
MorphOS 2.4, 3D-Spiel WipeOut 2097 and DiamondsMorphOS 2.4, CubicIDE Iterated Development EnvironmentMorphOS 2.4, Webbrowser OWB and the e-mail program YAMMorphOS 2.4, System settings and Apdf


Date - Version
2002 Dec. - MorphOS 1.0
2003 Aug. 08 - MorphOS 1.4
2004 March 06 - MorphOS 1.4.2
2005 March 28 - MorphOS 1.4.4
2005 April 30 - MorphOS 1.4.5
2005 Aug. 24 - MorphOS 1.4.5 PowerUp for Amiga
2008 Juni 30 - MorphOS 2.0
2008 Sept. 06 - MorphOS 2.1
2008 Dez. 20 - MorphOS 2.2
2009 Aug. 06 - MorphOS 2.3
2009 Okt. 12 - MorphOS 2.4