MenuetOS Operating System

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The 32-bit operating system MenuetOS was programmed by Ville Turjanmaa with assembler. It is a new, graphical real time multitasking operating system which is programmed by several developers. The file systems FAT12 and FAT32 are supported. MenuetOS fits comfortably on one single floppy disk. Support for Multi-Threading, multi-processors and simple TCP/IP was added during development, a assembler is already included for developing own applications.

With Menuet64 0.59 beta from February 2007, the first variant for 64 bit processors was available. Programmed in 100% assembler, the execution of 64-bit and 32-bit applications is possible. The operating system offers a color depth of 16 million colors with up to 1280x1024 pixel screen resolution. In comparison to the 32-bit version the source code is closed for the public.

With the Menuet32 version 0.80 up to 0.89, the user interface and network functions were improved and support for USB 2.0 devices added. The 32-bit version is very few maintained since last version 0.85A in August 2007. For several reasons a part of the MenuetOS developers forked to KolibriOS in 2004 to continue the development of the 32-bit operating system as open source.

No matter which operating system you choose, both projects are still under development.



MenuetOS Operating System screenshot 1MenuetOS Operating System screenshot 2MenuetOS Operating System screenshot 3MenuetOS Operating System screenshot 4
MenuetOS 64, configuration before boot processMenuetOS 64, user interfaceMenuetOS 64, open program menu and file managerMenuetOS 64, FASM and Text Editor
MenuetOS Operating System screenshot 5MenuetOS Operating System screenshot 6MenuetOS Operating System screenshot 7
KolibriOS, configuration before boot processKolibriOS, user interfaceKolibriOS, commandline and 3D-Demo


Date - Version
2000 May - MenuetOS: 0.01 first version
2000 Nov. - MenuetOS: 0.20 supports Vesa 2.0
2000 Dec. - MenuetOS: 0.24f - 0.25b 32 bit Colour depth, Sound Blaster support, new GUI
2001 Jan. - MenuetOS: 0.33 source code under GPL licence
2001 June - MenuetOS: 0.42 new applications and improvements
2002 Jan. - MenuetOS: 0.64 Kernel can compiled under Menuet with Fasm
2002 Oct. - MenuetOS: 0.71 Ethernet optimized, Fasm 1.40
2002 Dec. - MenuetOS: 0.72 TCP/IP
2003 Feb. - MenuetOS: 0.73 TinyHTTP and MP3 Server, Irc Client, real-time additional changes
2008 Feb. - Menuet32 0.80
2007 Aug. - Menuet32 0.85a
2008 Sept. - Menuet64 0.89
2010 Jan. - Menuet64 0.92H, supports DVB-T
2010 Juni - Menuet64 0.93X, Multi-CPU support
2010 July - Menuet32 0.85b, 32-Bit variant
2011 March - Menuet64 0.95Z, enhancements and update of SMP, HTTP, etc.
2011 June - Menuet64 0.96X


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