AtheOS Operating System

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AtheOS Logo AtheOS is a new operating system developed by Kurt Skauen under the GPL licence. It does not have any true text mode but terminal emulators are possible. Up till now it is available only for x86 processors, SMP and multithreading are supported. Besides UNIX characteristics it supports POSIX to large parts and builds up on a new user interface and a new designed file system. The 64-bit file system AFS has journaling functions. The monolithic kernel was modularized designed. UNIX related applications like bash and CLI tools were ported, AtheOS itself is programmed in C++. Both desktop systems and web servers are intended purpose by the TCP/IP support.

In meanwhile everything points to the shut down of the AtheOS project, perhaps it is developed further in the future. After all, since the last release have passed several years and the original website has changed the owner since a long time.


Syllable is a fork from the AtheOS project to meet other design goals and was started in September 2002. It is leaded by former AtheOS developers and uses ideas of the BeOS API.
Syllable 0.5.6 was published on 19. April, 2005. The audio/video support was improved in this version, the burning of CD-RWs with the Cdrtools 2.1 is possible now. Syllable is compatible to the POSIX standard too, the kernel was extended by many functions and supports ACPI. The support of USB has been added, the GNU C library was updated. In comparison with the pre-released version problems with the installation process were removed. An upgrade which eliminates a couple of bugs was published for version 0.5.6 a on 17. June, 2005. Version 0.6.0 followed on 13. December 2005, with improvement at the ATA device driver, video driver, at the Kernel and many more.



AtheOS Operating System screenshot 1AtheOS Operating System screenshot 2AtheOS Operating System screenshot 3AtheOS Operating System screenshot 4
0.3.5 - AtheOS, disk manager0.3.5 - GNU Bash commands0.3.5 - directory and manager0.3.5 - ABrowse the internet browser
AtheOS Operating System screenshot 5AtheOS Operating System screenshot 6AtheOS Operating System screenshot 7AtheOS Operating System screenshot 8
Syllable 0.6.0 - Grub boot loaderSyllable 0.6.0 - login promptSyllable 0.6.0 - desktop viewSyllable 0.6.0 - menu, terminal Shell, version
AtheOS Operating System screenshot 9AtheOS Operating System screenshot 10AtheOS Operating System screenshot 11AtheOS Operating System screenshot 12
Syllable 0.6.0 - application directorys, preferencesSyllable 0.6.0 - ABrowse, AView (picture viewer), media player, Albert (calculator), AEditSyllable 0.6.0 - ABrowse with websiteSyllable 0.6.0 - Quit Dialog


Date - Version
2000 June - AtheOS 0.1.3
2000 Aug. - AtheOS 0.1.4, optimized memory management
2000 Sept. - AtheOS 0.2.0, user interface and GUI toolkit improved
2000 Oct. - AtheOS 0.2.1, Grub is the boot loader, AFS optimized, bug fixes
2000 Nov. - AtheOS 0.3.0, bug fixes
2001 Feb. - AtheOS 0.3.1, partition editor
2001 Feb. - AtheOS 0.3.2, various optimizations
2001 April - AtheOS 0.3.3, bug fixes
2001 April - AtheOS 0.3.4 web browser, new keyboard layouts, bug fixes
2001 July - AtheOS 0.3.5, bug fixes
2001 Aug. - AtheOS 0.3.61, bug fixes
2001 Oct. - AtheOS 0.3.7
2003 Mai - Syllable 0.4.4
2003 Oct. - Syllable 0.5.0
2004 Oct. - Syllable 0.5.4
2005 April - Syllable 0.5.6
2005 June - Syllable 0.5.6a
2005 Aug. - Syllable 0.5.7
2005 Dec. - Syllable 0.6.0
2006 May - Syllable 0.6.1
2008 Jan. - Syllable 0.6.5
2009 May - Syllable 0.6.6
2012 April - Syllable 0.6.7


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