Newdeal Operating System

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NewDeal 3.0

NewDeal is a further development of the PC/GEOS operating system (1990 from Geoworks) and is offered with a number of included programs. GEOS (Graphical Environment Object System) was developed before by Berkeley Softworks as 8-bit operating system for 8-bit computers like the Commodor C64 or also C128 which brought a high market acceptance under the users. Not least by the surface with Drag & Drop which one followed it by the Apple Macintosh graphically was a cheap alternative to the acquisition of a Macintosh. Popular standard applications are among others GeoPaint, GeoWrite, GeoCalc, GeoFile, GeoSpell as well as GeoPublish.

Geoworks assigned all rights of GEOS to NewDeal Inc.. It was developed for desktop systems with 386/486 CPU. It needs an existing DOS installation and can only be used with DOS applications/driver software or programs written especially for the NewDeal operating system. It supports TCP/IP as well as IPX by himself and is Internet capable with the PPP (Point-to-Point-Protocol) service. It uses cooperative multi-Tasking and reminds from the look & Feel with Motif or NewUI to the Windows 95 surface.

Long file names are saved and managed by an internal database, VFAT from Windows is not supported till now. Most important applications are contained in the software package, like the visual programming environment NewBASIC for creating of own NewDeal applications and Office applications. Standard driver software for graphic and sound devices are already contained.

The company NewDeal had published news on her website last in November 2000, a new financing should save the enterprise. Unfortunately, this failed in January 2001, all employees had to be dismissed a month later therefore.



Newdeal Operating System screenshot 1Newdeal Operating System screenshot 2Newdeal Operating System screenshot 3Newdeal Operating System screenshot 4
NewDeal 3.2.a, Welcome to the installationNewDeal 3.2.a, license agreementNewDeal 3.2.a, evaluation softwareNewDeal 3.2.a, installation
Newdeal Operating System screenshot 5Newdeal Operating System screenshot 6Newdeal Operating System screenshot 7Newdeal Operating System screenshot 8
NewDeal 3.2.a, language settingsNewDeal 3.2.a, target directoryNewDeal 3.2.a, copying filesNewDeal 3.2.a, modify config.sys
Newdeal Operating System screenshot 9Newdeal Operating System screenshot 10Newdeal Operating System screenshot 11Newdeal Operating System screenshot 12
NewDeal 3.2.a, installation completedNewDeal 3.2.a, boot screenNewDeal 3.2.a, Desktop with menüNewDeal 3.2.a, computer with file view
Newdeal Operating System screenshot 13Newdeal Operating System screenshot 14Newdeal Operating System screenshot 15Newdeal Operating System screenshot 16
NewDeal 3.2.a, programs and operating system settingsNewDeal 3.2.a, NewWrite and NewCalc applicationsNewDeal 3.2.a, Skipper SE internet browserNewDeal 3.2.a, shutdown screen


Date - Version
1996 - NewDeal 2.2
1996 - NewDeal 2.5 (based on Geoworks Ensemble 2.01)
1997 - NewDeal Office 97 (PC/GEOS 3.0)
1998 - NewDeal Office 98
1999 Jan. - NewDeal 3.0 first time also as trial version
2000 Jan. - NewDeal 3.2
2001 - NewDeal Office 2000 (Release 4.1.8)
2002 - Breadbox Ensemble Internet Suite
2003 Jan. - Breadbox Ensemble (PC/GEOS 4)


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