SkyOS Operating System

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The SkyOS operating system was initiated by Robert Szeleney in 1996. SkyOS was programmed entirely newly for the x86 architecture. The first version 0.1 which consisted of a 16-bit kernel and a very simple user interface was published on 1997-12-15. The version 5.0 beta was available in March 2005. In meanwhile SkyOS supports multitasking , multithreading, SMP, virtual memory, memory protection and Internet abilities. The built-in GUI named SkyGI has got very flexible and efficient. Only some of the feature are alpha blending, transparent windows, shades, window animations, OpenGL rendered windows, anti-aliasing and hardware acceleration. The Unicode interface can be adapted for any native language. The used file system is called SkyFS. It belongs to the 64-bit file systems with journaling functions and supports extended attributes, indices and inquiries. Moreover, it supports all FAT file systems, BFS (BeOS), Ext2/Ext3 and the ISO9660 CD-ROM format.

SkyOS is suitable for playing all sorts of media files like videos, DVD, Audio CD and MP3 files. The ISS (Integrated Sound System) is also suitable for the development of complex audio applications. It plays several audio stream without restrictions, can adjust the sampling rate and use effect filters. The operating system provides the Web browser SkyKruzer, a porting of KHTML, to surf in the WWW. Further popular applications are AbiWord, GIMP, the GNU Compiler Collection, Pearl, VideoLan and much more.



SkyOS Operating System screenshot 1SkyOS Operating System screenshot 2SkyOS Operating System screenshot 3SkyOS Operating System screenshot 4
5 beta7 - Sky OS, GRUB boot menu5b7 - Loading screen5b7 - graphic assistant for installation5b7 - Release information
SkyOS Operating System screenshot 5SkyOS Operating System screenshot 6SkyOS Operating System screenshot 7SkyOS Operating System screenshot 8
5b7 - Selection of the partition5b7 - Installation, selection of the software5b7 - Login screen5b7 - view of the desktop
SkyOS Operating System screenshot 9SkyOS Operating System screenshot 10SkyOS Operating System screenshot 11SkyOS Operating System screenshot 12
5b7 - Program bar, task manager5b7 - Internet browser5b7 - system manager, device overview5b7 - System manager, user and rights
SkyOS Operating System screenshot 13SkyOS Operating System screenshot 14SkyOS Operating System screenshot 15
5b7 - File manager and media player5b7 - Graphics application gimp5b7 - Word processing with Abiword


Date - Version
2008 Aug. - SkyOS 5.0 Beta (Build 6947)
2007 Oct. - SkyOS 5.0 Beta (Build 6796)
2006 Sept. - SkyOS 5.0 Beta (Build 6179)
2003 April - SkyOS 3.9.7
2002 Feb. - SkyOS 3.6
2001 Feb. - SkyOS 3.1


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