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ReactOS Screenshot
A couple of persons decided at the 1996-01-23 to create a completely new operating system which can execute Windows applications. At first this project was called FreeWin95 and had some start-up problems. In 1998 the nearly given up project was reanimated by the new project manager Jason Filby and renamed in ReactOS. The aim definition of ReactOS is to become a Windows NT/XP compatible operating system. Both applications and drivers are included. Even further subsystems like Java operating system, OS/2 and DOS shall be integrated later. ReactOS is still in alpha development and protected as OpenSource by the GPL (GNU General Public License).

With the release of ReactOS 0.3.0 (alpha) applications like OpenOffice, Nero Burning ROM, WinRAR and Unreal Tournament already run with this operating system. The temporary stop of development of ReactOS was announced at 2006-01-27. Cause is the suspicion of source code smuggled in by reverse engineering of Microsoft Windows. The facts are cleared by code audit and newly programmed if required. To prevent similar situations in future, new guidelines for developer were specified.

The compatibility has been improved further in the ReactOS version 0.3.4 ( alpha) for the Windows 2003 operating system. Used files from the Wine project are up to date, new equipment drivers and the support of SSE/SSE2 processor functions are added. The user interface is reacting by different optimizations now faster. Still more Windows applications are running under ReactOS now, with the revision of the RPC and IDL technology also more complex applications like Microsoft Office in future versions.



ReactOS Operating System screenshot 1ReactOS Operating System screenshot 2ReactOS Operating System screenshot 3ReactOS Operating System screenshot 4
ReactOS 0.2.4, Installation window under WindowsReactOS 0.2.4, Installation screenReactOS 0.2.4, Basic settings for the computerReactOS 0.2.4, Boot Manager
ReactOS Operating System screenshot 5ReactOS Operating System screenshot 6ReactOS Operating System screenshot 7ReactOS Operating System screenshot 8
ReactOS 0.2.4, Graphic setup screenReactOS 0.2.4, Boot screenReactOS 0.2.4, View of the desktopReactOS 0.2.4, Explorer and version information
ReactOS Operating System screenshot 9ReactOS Operating System screenshot 10ReactOS Operating System screenshot 11ReactOS Operating System screenshot 12
ReactOS 0.2.4, Desktop Icon-Alignment and task managerReactOS 0.2.6, ReactOS, view of the desktopReactOS 0.2.6, File managerReactOS 0.2.6, Startmenu, File manager and task manager
ReactOS Operating System screenshot 13ReactOS Operating System screenshot 14ReactOS Operating System screenshot 15ReactOS Operating System screenshot 16
ReactOS 0.3.11, Boot ManagerReactOS 0.3.11, Boot screenReactOS 0.3.11, DesktopReactOS 0.3.11, ReactOS Explorer and System
ReactOS Operating System screenshot 17ReactOS Operating System screenshot 18
ReactOS 0.3.11, Task Manager and start menuReactOS 0.3.11, Command line


Date - Version
1996 - ReactOS 0.0.7
2000 - ReactOS 0.0.15
2005 April - ReactOS 0.2.6
2006 Aug. - ReactOS 0.3.0
2007 March - ReactOS 0.3.1, 2.1 million source code lines
2008 Aug. - ReactOS 0.3.6


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